Disliked Pokemon?

It would be nice to see what Pokemon other People dislike/hate/etc.

Serperior. So much. When I was little I played through pokemon black, of course only training my starter, Samurott. Then there were the Cheren battles. Every time his Serperior would cream me and then sweep through the rest of my underleveled mons. i dislike the grass type, so there’s that too, and it just looks like it thinks that it’s better than you.

Awwww. Grass types are one of my favorite. The first pokemon that came to my mind was Bidoof. Everything about that pokemon just gets on my nerves. It’s name, it’s cry, even it’s derpy expression. Especially that derpy expression. I also watched a video where a team of six Bidoof took down a team comprised of Mega Rayquayza, Arceus, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Keldeo, and Xerneas. They toxic stalled the legendaries, using protect, toxic, dig, and some other move. Seeing these six derpy beavers take out some of the most powerful pokemon in the game made me just dislike them even more. I can’t imagine how the poor player on the other end must have felt…

Miltank. Whitney still gives me nightmares to this day.


Everything, from its face down to its cry, makes me want to flatten its face more than it already is.

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I hate talonflame

Pikachu Literally the ONLY reason why its so popular is because of Ash. It’s not even a good electric type. Electivire has better Attack (even with Light Ball), same with Jolteon but for SAttack. Electrode has the 3rd highest speed stat of all non-legendary, non-mega pokemon. Eelektross has no weaknesses because of Levitate. Rotom has all his forms. Heck, I even slightly like Stunfisk more than Pikachu because he has a unique type combination (and his Mega in Insurgence has Athenian, which makes him OP).

i hate shedinja so much everything about it is just hateful for me

Screw you rocket, I love mega stunfisk :rage:

I hate cow Patrat it just looks so weird :-\

Actually, I’ve also recently developed a heavy dislike towards Chansey and Blissey, simply because they make battles so insanely boring.

gothitelle… lets say the BW elite 4 gave me nightmares

I absolutely hate Abra…

Combee.I shiny hunt a lot and when I shiny hunted a combee for a vespiqueen…my god it’s actual torture.I got 6 males before I finally got my female.It left a sour spot in my mouth.

Feebas thanks to Gen III

But honey is supposed to be sweet…

I cannot think of any pokemon that I dislike. But if anything, Garbodor because that thing is trash(see whatI did there, probably an overused pun but still)

P.S. No, I do not dislike Trubbish or Garbodor at all, just had to say that. This is probably the most useless comment here…

To be honest with you, I don’t hate any Pokemon except Legendary Pokemon when they’re used in the battle spot for ORAS/X or Y since I just feel like it’s a cheap tactic.

Phione. It just looks like a Manaphy with a birth defect.

Oh yeah and I dont like honey either :wink:

My buddy only uses legendaries against me cause he knows I breed for IVs and EV train my pokemon. I kinda dislike that tactic too because he makes it super hard to take him out. Though I suppose my team’s make it difficult for him if he doesn’t.