Different fonts?

On the reddit thing i asked about this but no one really answered so here i am again.

Is there a way to use another font on the game?

I want to change the fonts to this one but i don’t know if is possible to do that

Can you please help me?

Firstly, that is not a font file, it’s a png. And it doesn’t even have lower case letters, accents or punctuation.

I’m not sure if it is possible to use custom fonts in the game, but maybe if you rename the font file you want to use so that it has the same name as one of the game fonts, it might work. For example, try naming it pkmndp and then select the Diamond/Pearl font in the in-game options.

I know that is not a font file, is just an example of it

I tried that already but it doesn’t work, i guess you can’t change the fonts :cry: