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Dialogs length/scenes

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forums. I just created this account to post this suggestion but I’ll surely contribute to the forums in the future.

I have this issue that is bothering me. The dialog before certain battles needed to progress.
For example, the first battle against East. The dialog is REALLY long. So each time you faint or reset the game to try a new strategy, you have to go through ALL of it all over again. And it gets even worse if you faint and you have to go back there all the way from the pokemon center.
A simple solution I’d recommend is putting a break right before the battle begins, so you can either save or simply avoid going through the dialog before it. And then you can just start the battle by speaking to East. It’s just a detail but it’d have good impact.
hope it gets added on a future patch or something.

Also are the chances of getting critted augmented or something? I swear to god I get critted so many times lmao


Love your idea, it’s actually genius. And about the crits, i have no idea sadly

I know it’s probably not, but it sure feels sketchy when Kingdra uses draco meteor twice and you’re “oh ok then I’ll send fraxure next and wreck that mf with dragon claw, he has no sp. attack to one-shot me anymore” and then oh what a coincidence I got critted lmao

on normal east’s kingdra runs the scope lens sniper set with focus energy. has an increased chance of crits and those crits will do more damage