Deltalocke Team

So my team is
Timid D Deino with venomous(intoxicate at final evo)
Gentle D Bulbasaur with psycho call
Modest D Charmander with shadow call
Adamant D Axew with water veil
Adamant D RuinBeldum with rock head

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Hello, I am thinking of doing a DeltaLocke, how did you do iit??

i just traded with people

un til u got deltas


i will try

ay are you a veteran of this game. like you are pretty good right. i just beat taen in keplar city. and i want to know if the armors are any good compared to the mega’s. im trying not to use the wiki so i dont know.

Ummmmm not as much. Armor gives a different ability to some Pokémon and a slight stat boost in defense. Megas give massive start boosts new abilities and new typings sometimes.

thx for the info. i think ill trade the armor to someone who doesnt
want to pay

Honestly the only Pokémon with a viable and good armor is ttar unsurprisingly

then ill keep him mega till i find a better mega then give him armor

everyone who played more than me: dies
not really
armors are good tho

sad delta volcanrola noises

Oh I forgot it existed because no one cares about it.