Deltalocke Pt.4: East,West

I decided to self implement a Deltalocke in my insurgence file. Each delta has 3 lives since they are limited and I can’t catch more. I also allow myself to get Pokemon that are tradeable to get more Deltas. Sorry that I didn’t make one of these in a while. I was working on other things that took a lot of my time. So I go to the pokemon center at Roggan Town to get the bike. That man later will get me a delta so I got it out of the way now so I don’t have to deal with it later. I sped through Route 6 and 7 so I could get to Helios City sooner. I finally got to helios city and I went to a house and got myself a Delta Lotad :D. I grinded Lotad up to a Lombre and let it learn all of it’s moves and then evolved it to a Ludicolo. I went down to the black market and evolved my Scyther to a Scizor. I went back up to heal before Taen and I got the ability capsule and the Delta Scizorite back at Route 6. I tried to use the Ability Capsule on Muk so I could get regurgitation but it just crashed the game. Good thing is that I saved beforehand so I didn’t lose any progress. I go back down to the Black Market to fight Taen. Sadly the Mega Stunfisk knocked down my Delta Crustle and killed her. R.I.P. I got through Taen got my Delta Charizardite and went back to heal. The Sky Cultists didn’t give me any problem. I finally got to East and was about to fight him. The best thing is that I did great until his Kingdra came out and knocked out Delta Muk. After that Skarmory knocked down my Ludicolo. After that I beat him though. So now Delta Muk only has 1 life left. I beat Rayquaza with Delta Scizor in 2 hits and I go to Utira Town. I decided to fight Nora instead of Damian because I thought that Nora was going to be easier but I was wrong. I took down her Celebi and the rest of her team easily. Her Levanny crit my Delta Muk and killed him. R.I.P. I beat Nora and I mourned the death of Muk and Crustle. So that is it for these Deltalocke chapter. If you are wondering why this seems kind of rushed is because I have already gotten ahead of this and I need to get these things written down before I forget them. Thanks for reading this Deltalocke episode and have a great day :D.

Delta lives count:

Charizard: 3 Lives

Snorlax: Dead (-1 from trainer’s Hitmonlee, -1 from trainer’s Huntail, Killed by Abbysal Cultists’s Skuntank)

Crustle: Dead (-1 from Abbysal Cultist, -1 from Abbysal Cultist, Killed by Taen’s Stunfisk)

Muk: Dead (-1 from trainer’s Unown, -1 from East’s Kingra, Killed by: Nora’s Levanny)

Scizor: 3 Lives

Aipom: (Not on team)

Sunflora: 3 Lives

Ralts: (Not on team)

Ludicolo: 2 Lives (-1 from East’s Skarmory)