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Delta Vileplume line

delta vileploom line.
carefully crafted androids of death stalk dense forrests for prey. because of thier advanced technology and training the self destruct to prevent the enemy using their own technolgy against them

Fighting steel type vileplume. Based on a japanese samurai or robot or something. One of my favourite pokemon is vileplume so i had a lot of fun thinking about ideas. I think a physical attacking and defending mix with ok speed and have access to, spikes, bullet punch, sacred sword, explosion, and detect. It’s abilities should be aftermath and battle armour, with defiant as a hidden ability.
delta gloom is a fighting steel type with aftermath and steadfast as it’s abilities and defiant as a hidden ability
delta oddish is a pure steel type with aftermath as it’s ability and defiant as a hidden ability

How about making its pre-evolution too?

yeah sure