Delta Vanilite

So, this was actually a challenge due to it being different from how I normally style my deltas.
Delta vanilite: Poison/Water type, Ability: Aftermath, Stagnant Breath (H/A)

Delta vanilish: Poison/Water type, Ability: Aftermath, Stagnant Breath (H/A)
Delta vaniluxe: Poison/Water type, Ability: Aftermath, Stagnant Breath (H/A)
Stagnant Breath: all special attacks have a chance to inflict paralysis, burn, poison, or sleep. (Shiny Forms)


I don’t see any Water element there, because if the solution is a Water element, then Grimer is Poison/Water too. It is more suitable as Poison/Steel one because of the container. Steel element also good to gives it Fire weakness as many chemical solution is highly responsive of heat energy.

the main reason why I made it poison/water is because it’s a liquid chemical, and I didn’t think that the stand was enough to justify it being poison/steel.

I can totally see it being Poison/Water; Grimer isn’t a liguid, so I don’t know where that came from. I feel like Vanilluxe should have multiple beakers to match the original. The expressions are offsetting, I don’t know why though. Great job overall!.

Poison/Water is a great typing We need more science looking Pokemon

Looks really good!

I really really like the design but i dont know somehow i think it looks kinda dull.

I see you shaded it but somehow i feel there is something missing. No idea what though. But overall i really like the idea.