Delta unova starters

I am looking for unova starter lines but would also like poison psychic oshawott lines

similar to this

That haves potential. Work on the Moveset and stuff.

I will get started on that right now

Here are some stats (HP+Atk+Def+SpA+SpD+Spd=BST):

D. Oshawott Line Poison/Psychic

D. Oshawott = Same as original
D. Dewott = Same as original
D. Samurott = 70+50+100+115+100+93=528
M. D. Samurott = 70+75+110+150+110+113 = 628

D. Snivy Line Ground/Dark

D. Snivy = Same as original
D. Servine = Same as original
D. Serperior = 70+100+78+100+80+100=528
M. D. Serperior = 70+120+98+120+100+120 = 628

D. Tepig Line Fighting/Grass

D. Tepig = Same as original
D. Pignite = Same as original
D. Emboar = 90+120+100+80+100+38 = 528
M. D. Emboar = 90+145+120+105+120+48 = 628

@Crystal and @PeterHolmes74 tell me what you think of these typings and stats. I have been dissed by not having a type trio before (cough cough @Solgaleo cough cough) so I tried to create one. lemme know what you think.

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While these are good stats, Delta Pokémon always have the same stats as the original. It is something carried by all the Deltas in the game.

Well, that’s boring if u ask me.

@GiaPeNiw already had a idea for tepig on the Delta sprite request dropbox page.

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yeah but it wouldn’t make a type trio like most people want (cough cough @Solgaleo cough cough) so a created a new one. But it was good to point that out.

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You did good thank you for the oshawott line I love it(the type triangle design)

Big necro here.


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