Delta trade for deino ONLY DEINO

Trading Name:
Delta Sunkern Delta Aipom Delta Scyther Delta Dwibble Any1 or 2 or 3
Deino or Zweilous Really happy if Hydreigon
Further Iam a big fa of my dragon so ill be willing to trade

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Anyone wanna trade?Oh man

hi, id be willing to trade one,whats the highest lvl youll accept?

Well any…

Im at sonata city gym so well

Which delta u want ?

Do you have delta combee?

well? do you have it?

hellooooooooo? :question:

um ill take it for free if you dont have it.

nvm i just got it.

are you still accepting my dieno? because ill give it for free.

I got delta combee too

Delta lotad delta misdreveus too

Sorry man i dont think we are from the same country :sob:

I dont really want deino for free it was always my fav pokemonn when it evolved

Plus delta munchlax and delta axew

i already have all of those deltas, in fact, i have all delta pokemon. not kidding.

woah cool

i could give it to you now.