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Delta Starters

In 1.2.5 do Sylvan and Damian still give out the missing Delta Starters in the postgame if you chose a Delta Starter instead of Eevee at the beginning?

sylvan will give you all 3, dont think damian will give you anything

Damian used to give you an egg containing one of the missing Starters in Erebus City. That still happens, right?

I’m not at that point right now but according to this thread:

Damien no longer gives out an egg of his Delta starter in games that used them, just Shaymin but it’s unknown whether this is a glitch or if it’s been discontinued.
Responders to that thread seem adamant that a glitch prevents the Pokemon from going to the PC so triggering the event without space in your party will cause it to complete without delivering.

Again, this is third party information, I don’t have my own experience to report yet.