Delta Starters

Trading Name: DanF2000

Offer: Just started, so only pokemon found in Shade Forest

Request: All 3 Delta Starters (chose Eevee as my Starter)

Further info: I’ve recently been playing a bit of this game and I absolutely love it to bits! I’ve been finding it a bit hard so I thought that if I had more rare types on my team, I’d find the game a bit easier. If anyone is available, please help a fellow Pokefan! Thank you :smile:

I mean, i seriusly doubt anyone is going to take that offer. I suggest you start some new files in the other slots, get the delta starters and then ask someone to help you transfer them. You can ask for help in the discord channel we have :smiley:

Well I can get you one of the three. just tell me which one

I have a delta charizard with the mega stone I don’t really use it so I don’t mind giving it to you but I don’t want to spoil ur game with a high level

Would you be able to trade me the delta Charmander? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah let’s trade six hours from this post, dies that work for you?

Not really as I live in the UK, it’ll be 1.30 am and I have college tomorrow. How about in 24 hours time?

Is it alright if I asked on Discord for the Charmander instead? Not to be mean or anything, it’s just that on some nights, I might not be able to go on the game.

Sure go ahead.

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