Delta Squirtle and Ditto plz

Trading Name: Mysticdestruction

Offer: I can breed something (including deltas but only when I get the only delta ditto in my game), and I can ensure perfect IV pokemon with egg moves. I also have shines, and I can trade over IV Stones, Dream Mists, and Heart Scales. My only limitation is that I’m not willing to trade over legendaries.

Request: Delta Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise or Ditto (any number of them, I need a delta ditto squad).

Further info: I would like a female delta squirtle, but it’s okay if it’s male. Also if trading over a delta ditto, please please please ensure that they have 1 of the following stat spreads:
Attack 0, Sp. Atk 30, Spe 30 (Hidden Power Fire)
Hp 30, Atk 0, Def 30 (Hidden Power Ice)
Hp 30, Atk 0, Sp. Atk 30 (Hidden Power Grass)
Hp 30, Atk 0, Sp. Atk 30, Spe 30 (Hidden Power Rock)
0 Atk, Def 30, Sp. Atk, 30 (Hidden Power Water)
Hp 30, Atk 0, Sp. Atk 30, Sp. Def 30, Spe 30 (Hidden Power Fighting)
Atk 0, Sp. Atk 30, Sp. Def 30 (Hidden Power Ground)
If you don’t have those, I will also take Delta Ditto with 0 IVs in Attack or Spe.

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