Delta snivy with HA

Trading Name: IndianAnimator

Offer: Pokerus

Request: title says all

Further info:thinking of using a team based around MD typhlosion

theres no drizzle snivy i assume u mean hydration

i meant its final evo lmao

i got one

im assuming u can trade tommorow

dont you have ability capsules?

i meant pokerus lmao

and d. serperior w/ drizzle





you can use dream mist

thats for post game

to get hidden abilitys

i have pokerus already so, i don’t need it, and I have a drizzle serperior

oh ok but i think u can prob trade tommorow

oh I thought you are in post game…

nope im still at 7th gym

yeah, i also kinda need it for my playthrough so, i would like something pretty good