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Delta Skuntank


Tried making a Delta Stunky and Skuntank based on soap instead of stink. Hope you like it.

Stunky -Fairy/Water

-Abilities: Run Away Cute Charm Wonder Skin

-Stats: HP: 60 ATK: 37 DEF: 43 SPA: 51 SPD: 47 SPE: 75

Skuntank -Fairy/Water

-Abilities Run Away Cute Charm Wonder Skin

Stats: HP: 120 ATK: 63 DEF: 57 SPA: 84 SPD: 75 SPE: 60

Some moves: -Bubblebeam -Fairy Wind -Sweet Scent -Fury Swipes -Safeguard -Amnesia -Water Pulse -Draining Kiss


Next time, post fanmade deltas in the Holon Uni section please!
I think they both look great, but the curls in stunky’s tail should look more consistently round, and the curls on skuntank’s tail should be outlined in a color thats not black. it stands out too much and looks like its separate from the actual pokemon. I reckon skuntank’s tail could be better too


These look alright, you might want to post the 2x version since you can’t see much on the lower version.
One more thing, I water type is not much “appealing” in here.


The white/ gray might scream water more if it were light blue. I like your concept though.


Is it okay if I use this design for my own game?