Delta Scyther with Metal Coat

Trading Name: Kakashe Rataque

Offer: Other Delta Scyther with Metal Coat

Request: Delta Scyther with Metal Coat

Further info:I’m looking for a delta scizor, so if anyone can switch I’ll be grateful!

you can trade evolve after you get to Helios city in the blackmarket by talking to an npc if you dont find someone before then if you are not to that point yet. if you are probably easier to do that

^What he said. There is an NPC in Helios that evolves pokemon that would normally need to trade for them to evolve. You just have to have the right item for particular pokemon (i.e. Metal Coat for Scyther) and you’re all set. No trading required.

I wouldn’t even evolve your delta scyther if I were you. In my opinion, delta scyther is superior to its evolution

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