Delta Sableye (Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone)

Delta Sableye

Type: Grass/Fairy

Mega Delta Sableye

Type: Grass/Fairy



I like it, except for the mega’s pot. Hop boy, you need to clean that thing up. It needs selective shading, the $ looks really off, the rim is oddly thinning towards the back, and the outlining, along with the anti aliasing, could be improved. Love the rest, though.

im hopping

you should change the $ sign into a PokeDollar sign

Please don’t necro dead posts. The last comment was 7 months ago.

Than this thread should be closed! I wasn´t in this forum 7 months ago. I liked this sprite and wanted to comment it. Am I not allowed to do so?

I mean you can but I’d prefer if you didn’t. It’s reviving and creating a discussion on a dead thread. Plus, the artist, Skurleton, is no longer uses the forums and is barely active on the discord.

better be caught holding a nugget or lucky charms

This is necro-posting. After approximately 4 days, and no one has replied, it is considered necro-posting and everyone get’s pinged, everyone that has replied to this thread. Like seriously, take a hint.

My Irish self is pleased

I guess Pay Day should be his signature skill :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Zack, you are necro-posting.