Delta run suggestions

So I really liked this game, and especially the delta concept. However, since most of the deltas are post game, I didn’t had the chance of using them. So I decided to do a delta run. Any suggestions which deltas would be fun to try?

Do a randomized deltalocke

or egglocke. I recommend Ruingross, D. Chandelure, D. Aurorus, D. Scyther, and D. Blaziken. Those 4 are pretty nuts.

How can I do that? Does randomized challenge replaces every delta with a random delta?

Yeah, already played with d. Schyter d. chandelure and d.blaziken through my first time. Actually d.Blaziken was one of my favorites (even though you only get him very late).

No. It basically makes every enc random. So you have a chance of getting any delta on any route. And the static delta’s can be anything as well.

Oh cool. Actually I’m shiny hunting d.charmander, so I think I’m gonna go the regular path.

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