Delta ralts/gardevoir needed

Trading Name: galand45

offer:any strong pokemon user wishes can be sorted

Request: delta ralts or gardevoir

Further info:im in the after game of the atory n realized delta pkmns do not respawn so i have lost my chance for delta ralts

Just restart the game, it takes like half an hour to get back there

im at the end game the saved filed is long past gone i think

I might be able to help

ahh thankyou even if u have D.ralts lvl one its fine
you can tell me what u want in trade

If I breed my d. gardevoir, is it guaranteed to get a d. ralts? If so, I’ll trade you the egg, if not, good luck on your quest

you have to breed it with delta ditto tho

if u do get delta ralts via breeding can we talk on discord for convince sake

Alright, my discord is aaaaaaaaaa#1086

my dc id is galand45#5419

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