Delta Ralts for almost whatever mons

Trading Name:

Offer: Almost whatever mons

Request: Delta Ralts

Further info:

Can offer you a Delta Gardevoir which you can then breed into a Ralts :slight_smile: What I would like in exchange is your help in transfering some of my mons from one safe file to another. Would you like to do that?

Uhmm okay, for my it’s okay but I killed a Blitzle in a trade so decide hahaha

we can try with 1 bad mons idk a rattata of lvl 1 and if he dies, there’s no trade, okay?

Found someone else who could help me if necessary. But we can try first if you want. At what time would you be available?

Now? haha

Sorry, just trading with the other member. But I can give you the Gardevoir anyways after we are finished here.

Okay, for me it’s okay haha, just tell me when you are ready :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Hey, are you still on? If not, we can trade the Gardevoir tomorrow. Just prepare one Crap-Pokemon in exchange.

Okay, now I can!

Still there? :slight_smile:

yep, still here! Are you here now?

I´m here!

my username is cabetsiit, yours?


okay, just connecting to trade :smile:

I’m online!

@Mia did you get my archen? or is he dead?

I got him! Didn´t you get the Gardevoir?

Yeah, I get it, I am thinking why yesterday my blitzle died haha I think is due to I was doing some stuff out of the game