Delta Pokemon stories (inspired by another post):)

So I am intrigued by some other posts that are the stories of delta pokemon so decided to give it a try.And also reply to me to see what to do next!!
Delta Diglett
A bunch Digletts gathered round in Telnor Cave, and made it home. While one adventurous Diglett dug off and got trapped in a freezing spot of the cave. Its weak body can not stand the cold and grew fur. Meloetta later found it and, seeing its confidence, it sealed it away by Relic Song.

Delta Yamask
It, in it his former life, died, killed by a nuclear bomb from an assasin sent to kill the person. Since the persons head was blown off and is so hideous that Yamask could not even look at it. So Yamask took the remains of the radioactive material in the bomb and put it in a can so others will not get hurt.