Delta Pokemon Starters in Randomizers

My game is only at the 1.2.3 update and plan on updating it to the most recent version of the game. My question is for randomizer games, are you able to get a starter that is a delta pokemon in a randomizer? If not, has there been any update for this in some of the more recent updates?

Yes, all mons, including deltas and legends, are available as starters in randomizer runs. If you would like to reset for a specific mon, you need to save before entering the lab in telnor town, as that is when the types of mons are set.

I did do a test to see before to see if I could get any delta pokemon as a starter and did not after about getting 25 possible delta pokemon. But this is only as of 1.2.3 where you might not have been able to. I just downloaded the new updated version, I am hopeful that what you said holds true.