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Delta Pikachu


Trading Name: Cloud1105


Request: delta pikachu (anything from line)

Further info: need it for my dex. Don’t remember running into it, but havent been able to find while soaring. dex says i’ve seen, but don’t know from where.


hey, if your on I could send you a delta pichu. But you need to make an offer


anything in particular your looking for? i don’t got much, but i can see if i can get you something


hm, do you happen to want to give away a delta squirtle if you have it, i need to finish the starters


give me a sec to get an egg and hatch it, then we can make the trade




i have the squirlte ready! whats your trading name?


message when you’re ready




yepp, my name is gemr whats yours?


Cloud1105. Its above^^^


Thanks so much!


Your welcome!

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