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Delta Pidgey for a friend?


Trading Name: RageCage87

Offer: undying gratitude

Request: Low level Delta Pidgey

Further info: low level and of an adamant nature but beggars can’t be choosers

I just want to start this game with a Delta Pidgey like it would be my starter. Anyone willing to give up a low level Delta Pidgey would be the best


i would give you one but i need a delta ditto


I’m not at that point in the story and Id to keep thenone delta ditto I’ll get. I know I have nothing of value for trade. Just seeing if I’d get lucky and get a delta Pidgey to start with.


uhhh, no i mean i need a delta ditto to breed xD idc about keeping ditto.


Ok i got you a delta pidgey


If you are gonna give me a delta Pidgey on good faith, I’ll return the favor after I breed a few and trade you my delta ditto when I’m done. Cool?


nah its fine i got u the delta pidgey, and ill level it up to lvl 5.


but its like midnight over here so ill meet u tmr


I’ve been busy today taking my roommate to the hospital. He had an appendicitis so no Insurgence for me today. I’ll probably be playing in 4 or 5 hours from now but it’ll be very late again.


Ahh, tell your friend I say Sorry, and hope you get well, and I’ll be on at this time


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