Delta Pidgey DONE

Trading Name: Mr.Fahzy

Offer: Delta Munchlax

Request: Delta Pidgey

Further info: Because I updated to 1.2.2 I’m not able to get the delta pidgey and don’t really want to go through the process of unpatching and repatching the game. Really want delta pidgey on my team as well.

I got a delta pidgey egg. My trade name is Dechozen101. Just give me a trashmon btw, I don’t want another munchlax.

You are the best give me a minute or so I’m in a battle with Taen

Tell me when you’re ready.

ok im ready my name is Mr.Fahzy

Okay, trade on your call.

thanks a bunch

do you still have a delta pidgey egg? I also got the bug and I really want a delta pidgey in my team…

I mean, I could make more.

do you mind if I ask you to do that? I mean it’s not like I have something to offer…

Sorry, ask somebody else. I’m not in the mood.

Just in a talking mood decho?

@ehan I can do that. Give me 10 minutes.

Kinda. I’m just a bit too angry to go through breeding and trading.

Got your pidgey Ehan.

it’s okay if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

are you still available? i can trade now. thanks!


sorry, I was figuring things out. can we trade now?

Yes. Ready?

I’m ready