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Delta Petilil

Trading Name: BeegBoi3

Offer: Delta Combee

Request: A water Delta petilil

Further info: Hello, I recently got the game and I wanted to use a delta petilil on my team but I discovered it’s very late game, so I don’t have much really but I would appreciate any petilil really, regardless of ability or nature, would prefer low level though. Thanks.

Hi, did you find what you were looking for. İf not I can breed one to you for free

Unfortunately, no. Thank you so much, I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer.

It’s not really a problem:) do you want a specific nature?

Nah, anything is fine

I bred a timid one. Do you want it?

I’ll gladly take it

You want a spesific ability, I have couple of abilty capsules so I can change the abilty

No, that’s fine

my trade name is mittiba

Okey I can trade rigth now

I’m ready

what happened

Sorry I accidentally got out

oh, okey than:)

Give me a quick sec

no problem

Thank you so much

It’s a pleasure

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