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Delta meowth line


I’m having some ideas but I’m new to it and still lacking some equipment would like the opinion of you about my work I have others ready but I think it’s better to show one that is more complete!!

its fire and ghost type


It looks awesome! what typing do you want them to be? (fire and something else?) either way it looks really good! you’re very talented (also it fits the game very well in my opinion)!


“Yokai Watch? in my Pokemon game?”
It’s more likely than you think.
Free PC Check!


I think lets them with the fire and ghost type

Thank you so much for your opinion, this encourages me.


hahah sory I just wanted to wake up the comic side of meowth in another character but it is modifiable I can take out the features of yokai watch and let it out more pokemon


I’m just messin XP