Delta mega stones

I’m really looking for these 3 mega stones. Delta galladite, delta typhloshinite, and flygonite. I looked where the last two would be but they aren’t there.

The Delta Galladite is in the Whirl Islands where you battle Audrey, you will need the Tesseract Ability.

The Delta Typhlosionite is in Satellite Corps in the room where you battle Delta Cyndaquil behind the generator next to the wall.

The Flygonite is in the Rezzai Desert, theres a Flygon that you can use as reference walk in the same line as where it is, the flygon isnt in the photo because it flys once you find the stone

Thanks I found all except the delta typhloshinite.

Keep walking and pressing the c button, i remember that is there in that line against the wall or the generator.

found it it was at the very end thanks

Great. I`m glad that it was of helpful.

any other mega stones or deltas to reccomend? also, tyranitarite or armor have the armor that i have on rn

For Deltas id say Delta Rosrade i swept everything in my path with her, Delta Snorlax, Delta Venusaur and its op mega evolution, sadly there are many good Deltas that are postgame.

The tyranitariate is in the rezzai Desert in this area, i don`t remember the exact location.

have tyranitarite where would be delta budew?

Delta Budew Is in the Ultira Library of Ultira Town.

A Delta Budew is hidden within a secret room in the Far West Wing’s northernmost bookcase. The room is revealed by interacting with one of the books to the left of the boy staring at the bookcase.

Click on Delta Budew`s name to check his evolution needs and as advice bring a timid nature pokemon with synchronize in your party first place to give it a good nature.

If you have a pokemon that can set up new moon go for one that has the shadow dance ability.

Caught it lvl 10 though oof thanks

The level trainer of the secret base can help you with that.

For the friendship requirement to evolve go to Helios City department store and buy some berries, 30 will do besides they are cheap. You can also buy the evolution stone there.

Make sure it learns Dark pulse lv 37 and Moonblast lv 43 as Delta Roselia.

A Shiny MEW!!!

Where would be the level trainer

Oh right