Delta Machop line (Cyclops)

Delta Machop (Ground/Normal) Ability: Tough Claws/ Moxie(H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Machop is very shy but if sees a Pokemon that needs protection it will protect it with all it’s might.

Delta Machoke (Ground/Normal) Ability: Tough Claws/ Moxie(H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Machoke can destroy a boulder with it’s fists. If he misses the boulder will barely scratch him.

Delta Machamp (Ground/Normal) Ability:Tough Claws/ Moxie(H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Machamp is very loyal to the Pokemon in the mountains. It is said that a Regice once tried to freeze the mountain but Delta Machamp fought to protect it’s home.

Any Feedback is appreciated. I have two Machamps there because I am not sure if it looks better with hands or not.


I feel like for machoke and machamp. the leg to our right is connected in an odd manner to the actual body. Something about it just looks… off. Also maybe add a coule of black outlines to the head and make the line on the abs less straight.

There you go :slight_smile:

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I think the abs still kinda look a bit strange, but it’s looking better imo

Yeah I agree with you the abs still look a bit off

There is the Machoke

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Four hands looks better. Also, not being rude or anything, these are a bit bland. But I guess you can’t really do anyhting else. I wouldn’t know what else to do. Machop is the best out of the 3 BTW! :grinning:

I honestly agree with you there isn’t that much I could do to change them.