Delta Lilligant

Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: i dont know .-.
Normal >

Seems more like delta Magearna than delta liligant. Now granted, both have a similar design. Round lower body and round face. The reason I feel that this is delta Magearna is because the legs are more like Magearna, the head has two “ears” like Magearna, and the dress is in two parts rather than three. Like Magearna.

If you wanted to make this more Lilligant in design you need to incorporate her crown in some way. Since you went with Steel / Fairy I think a small radar dish would work really well. You also need to incorporate the “hair”. In Liligants case, this is a single leaf. In a steel type I imagine you could make it a bunch of exposed wires. As for the fairy typing, you may consider making the hair a pair of metallic wings instead. Or maybe just make it a pure steel type.