Delta Liepardémon)

I was wondering what’s the best set for Delta Liepard. I feel like Illusion Substitute Thunderwave + 2 other moves is a pretty strong set since Liepard is pretty fast. Outside of that, Delta Liepard learns a great physical set up move and a great special set up move (Coil and Nasty Plot). On the special side it learns Moonblast + Thunderwave and Energy Ball as coverage, but it has no Shadow Ball atm, but I assume the TM is going to be available later on. I like special a lot because I feel like Nasty Plot fits Liepard better than Coil and the special moves have slightly higher power (Moonblast 95 > Play Rough 90 and 90 accuracy, Shadow Ball 80 > Shadow Claw 70), so I feel like it that would be better, however Shadow Ball is not available so that’s why I’m not going for this straight up. On the physical side, it learns Shadow Claw, Play Rough and Coil. Coil is great making Play Rough 100% accurate and boosting both Defense and Attack, giving Liepard a little more bulk for a chance to survive some physical hits and start dishing out hits (Liepard is very frail).

The set I have in mind right now is Substitute, Thunderwave, Nasty Plot, Moonblast. One attack is pretty meh, but I can toy around with a special set later on since Heart Scales aren’t hard to get. I just want to know a good Nature and perhaps a good EV spread for Delta Liepard if anyone came up with something more refined.


Nature: if you’re going for the Special side,then Timid nature, and if you’re going for Physical,then Jolly nature. EV: in my preference, your Special set seems well made as it allows D.Leipard to sweep good,so on that side; 252 S.Atk , 252 Speed and the rest is your choice


I just got Delta Liepard. It has a Timid nature. Of course as of the time I’m writing this. Shadow Ball on D.Liepard exists.

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