Delta Liepard in Selene city not showing up

hey I have a question:

I’m trying to catch the delta liepard in Selene city, and I haven’t killed it.The thing is I’ve already encountered it twice. does that mean I can’t anymore? The old guy that goes ‘ack!’ doesn’t show up anymore and nor does the little boy.

Help? :\

just enter and leave any building if u dont see it

Unfortunately I’ve done that for a few nights now and it still won’t show. I think I’ve lost it :frowning:

ok so there are 2 options
1 if you didnt save a lot you can access your 3 last saves and maybe it helps
2 i can just breed you one

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Breed one sounds like a good idea.

I don’t use my other two save files since i’m nearly at the end of the game (going up against the league) so I’m putting time into that rather than my other saves.

I’ve also come back to my other saves to check and no luck, so breeding is an option!

THank you!!