Delta Liepard and Delta Axew

Trading Name: d33Z

Offer: other pokemon

Request: Delta Liepard and Delta Axew or any of their evolution

Further info: I fainted them during the run, but, now I want to complete the pokedex and don’t have them. Can anyone, please, trade them with me?
Also, I can’t find Raikou in the roaming and I don’t remember whether I fainted it or not. So, can anyone trade Raikou too??

what can you offer… also most people follow est so most people are asleep right now
(i do not follow est)

I can offer either Shiny Sneasel/Weavile or Shiny Tentacruel in exchange of 2 deltas.

i can do in in a min…

wait a second

trade name dheer
@d33Z you are not online

It is my first time.
I was reading how to trade.

no prob

i can help if you want

Could you Ping on Discord: d33Z#7829?

i am not on discord

What do you want tentacruel or sneasel?

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i want the tenta boi

1 Shiny Tenta for 1 Delta Axew and 1 Delta Purrloin/Lipard.

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Sending request

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sent second request

did you switch tabs… if you switch tabs you get automatically kicked out

do I need to have something to offer?

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