Delta Leavanny line

Delta Sewaddle: Dark type. Abilities Overcoat, Infiltrator(H/A)
Pokedex: under the cover of night, this pokemon sneaks about, searching for rotting fruit to feed on. The cloak made of scavenged rotted leaves conceals it.

Delta Swadloon: Dark/Poison type. Abilities:Overcoat, Infiltrator(H/A)
Pokedex: After several nights of consuming nothing but rotten fruit, it’s breath has become toxic. A side effect however, is that it must now wait out its self inflicted stomachache.

Delta Leavanny: Dark/Poison type. Abilities:Overcoat, Infiltrator(H/A)
Pokedex: Due to it’s stomachache, the chest part of its exoskeleton has toughened up and become more visible. It now challenges others for territory using it’s sharpened forearms, however the secreting poison will often leave the other for dead.

1Delta sewaddle
2Delta Swadloon
3Delta Leavanny



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