Delta Learnsets

Over all most of the learnsets do well with the existing moves. Some of them are particularly well crafted, particularly in Flygon’s case where a number of moves appear to have been designed with its Mega Evo specifically in mind.

But there’s a few glaring omissions in the cases of some Pokemon. Delta Reuniclus’ strongest Rock move is Ancient power as 60BP. I see no reason it shouldn’t learn Diamond Storm or at least Power Gem. Delta Glalie can’t take advantage of its ability with Flare Blitz, and with its flat 80 stats, it needs all the help it can get. Granted, it gets something similar via its Mega Evo in Head Smash and Foundry. It’s understandable that Own Tempo Arcanine only gets Outrage to play with, Thrash might’ve been a bit too much. But the worst is probably Delta Luxray, which has absolutely nothing that allows it to take advantage of Sniper. It doesn’t even get Slash, for Christ’s sake, which just makes me wonder what use there was in giving it Sniper at all.

I’m aware there’s only a couple of updates left before the devs will permanently consign Insurgence to the backburner, so I’m not suggesting serious overhauls here. Just minor adjustments to some learnsets.

Delta Arcanine doesn’t need a movepool expansion. It has Multiscale as an HA and Swords Dance + Extreme Speed. Delta Glalie without the Mega is going to be garbage even if you do give it Flare Blitz.

Arcanine has one of the most broken sets in the game, tf you talking about?

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Yeah, I wish Delta Petilil (Fairy) could learn Air Slash to abuse Paraflinch, but the majority of Deltas I’ve used had pretty balanced movesets

Well I literally said “Thrash might’ve been a bit too much” so y’all can chill.

Multiscale and Own Tempo Arcanine may as well be different Pokemon anyways.

Well, they aren’t different pokemon, they are the same one. And you have to factor in everything about a pokemon’s entire set before making comments because otherwise, people will jump on you like what just happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Given I said “Own tempo Arcanine” I reckon people should read comments properly before they make themselves look like a bit of a numpty.

Given that a pokemon is more than just the one ability it’s given, I reckon people should understand that people would use the other information that makes a delta complete and realize that maybe certain abilities just werent made to be a perfect set.

I understand the whole point of your arguement, but the fact is that not every delta needs to be perfect, or broken. Not every ability needs to be the best, OU level ability for that pokemon. Hell, if that was the case then I would’ve given Delta Noivern that buffed heatproof ability I had planned to begin with, instead of turning him into a sun pokemon for good weather or nu teams. Even gamefreak messes stuff like this up a lot, but i’ve come to realize that it isnt a “mess up”, it’s a way to not make every pokemon broken, and instead distignuish certain abilities and sets and pokemon as a whole to let them shine in their own right, and at their own levels.