Delta larvesta

so how do i get delta larvesta. i know i have to be in post game but what exactly do i do

After defeating Reukra and battling Arceus, go to the base and real all of the notebooks. Go to the Lab above metchi town and go inside. Go to the password lock and type in “Antilithium”. Go up and boom, you found it.

do i have to rematch the E4


how do i battle arceus then?

Do the reukra quest. That’s how you rematch the E4. You gotta do the arceus thing first.

how do i activate the reukra quest. also sorry for asking so many questions

Finish holon and Orion/Taen’s questline iirc.

Those two, and catch darkrai.

do i also have to finish the damian quest after hes cured?

I don’t think so.

well ive done holon and orion quest so where do i go now

Catch darkrai.

done that

There should be a note in the perfection base.

saw that and went to amphrite but im very bad at finding things

Go to where you fought giratina.

alright thanks

dude thank god i found your answer, i couldnt for the life of me figure out the answer…! and with that ive captured all the deltas! (that i know of ahaa)