Delta Larvesta and Ditto

Trading Name: casperandtheghost

Offer: Another party member or Mew as collateral

Request: Delta Larvesta and Delta Ditto

Further info: I wanted to breed a delta larvesta for the story, but I’m not far enough to get delta ditto either. Don’t have anything special to offer, hoping someone could help a guy out. EDIT I wasn’t aware ditto was so rare. I’ll absolutely return it when I’m done breeding a larvesta without a hindering nature.

Obtaining Delta Ditto requires completion of the main story. Asking for one is essentially the same as asking for a free legendary.

Worth a shot. Worst they’ll say is no.

I’m also willing to return the ditto. I just want to breed a larvesta without a hindering nature. I’ll offer one of my other party members as collateral.

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