Delta Krookodile


Ability: Swift swim
Dex Sandile: This delta hides below the water in rivers and the only thing visible is its eyes and nose.
Dex Krocoroc: This delta protects the river it grew up in. The gold head it has is made of dried up of clay
Dex Krookodile: This Pokemon is a fierce destructive beast of pure power using the rivers current as a way to increase its own speed, but will heal its allies in emergency.
More egypt !!!
this pokemon is based of Sobek a water/ river god who is said to either murder everything or protect and heal everything.

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good concept but this looks like recolor instead of a delta. try adding new parts to them

I like the idea and the colors. The only thing is I don’t see much of the fighting type, and see some of the dark type still in the sprite. Krookodile just looked like a recolor, and all three could use more water-type appearance. May I suggest making their tails look like they were built to swim in the water? As for the fighting type you could look at other fighting types for reference.

Like add a fin or something and a staff for fighting

something like that

Here ya go

there is nothing

Thats weird its showing up for me

Because you edited the post

i like it but i still feel like something needs to be done to the sprite instead of it just hold props. definitely an improvement though. try editing the krookodiles body or something and edit the krokorok sprite too cuz it still looks like a recolor but with props

I have absolutely no clue how to make it look more like sobek without it being to obvious Next up is the Set Beast

And continuing the Critique Train, this delta. The swim hat thing bit on sandile is not rounded, making it look like it has a flat head. Krokorok LITERALLY ISN’T EVEN HOLDING THE STAFF. Like, c’mon man. It’s like you just put it in, without any actual eff- oh, wait. Same with Krookodile, The staff looks lazily placed in, without even a hint of selective outlining. The water drops are eh, and the tail thing needs to be selectively outlined, as well. Other than that, 8/10 for idea and execution.

Yeah i just added the staff to Krokorok because i thought people would complain about there suddenly being a gold staff in the final evoulution

Okay, but you should probably fix it.

Tbh Sandile looks like a water type, Krokorok like water/dark and krookodile water/dark too. I’m failing to see the fightning type.

Yeah i have no clue how to show fighting still. im still not sure on how to show it