Delta Karrablast for Powerful Delta

Trading Name: Imagineer23

Offer: Delta Wailord (Lv. 102)

Request: Delta Karrablast

Further info: I don’t want to have to wait for the next full moon to complete the Delta Pokedex! I have something powerful in return!

Trade Dates: Weekdays, 10:45AM- 11:00 AM, 1:00PM-1:45PM (Cupertino Time Zone)

Including your timezone will probably help.

i can give u a d-karrablast for free if u want. my discord is @ DrKoolAid777 and my my time zone is UTC +01:00

Thanks! I will give you my Lv. 102 Delta Wailord. I need your username. I hope to trade you at 9 PM in your time zone! Thank you so much!

my tadename is DrKoolAid777 do u really wanna give ur wailord away? any mon is okay

Yeah. I have no use for it.

If you want, we can trade now.

im ready now

Thank you so much!

no prob

Ayy Steven lol, I could have given it to you.

I wanted BigIcySub

BTW if you waited until tommorow night you could have caught one…

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