Delta Genesect

Delta Genesect
Type: Fire, Bug
Ability: Flame Surge: Causes the ability bearer’s fire type moves to double in power.

So what do you think? This is my first sprite btw.

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I understand this is your first sprite, but I’m gonna deconstruct it and point out the areas the need improvement in a manner that may be seen as harsh.

Simply put, there aren’t enough shading and colors, the pixel sizes are inconsistent, and too much of the outline is black.

Allow me to go into further detail regarding each criticism;

Shading and Colors


This… claw? Whatever it is, it lacks color variety. If I isolated this, you can pick out 2 hexcodes. Not colors in general.The top part has the same red, green, and blue values as the bottom and it’s consistent. There is no slightly different tone on the bottom right or lighter tone at the top left. The same can be applied to the claw’s base as well as the rest of the body. Let’s pick out something else.


The flame on the side of the heads is made of only 2 hexcodes as well. The change from yellow to red is sudden; there is no orange tone to bridge the shift in color.

Pixel Size Consistency


Most of the pixels on the head are 2x2.


Most of the pixels on this horn is 1x1.

This is jarring. A normal sprite uses only one size. If you’re gonna go with a size, stick with it.


Also why is this horn made of 1x1 pixels and still thick?

Black Outlines

Around 85% of the outline is black. I traced all the black in green and the colored in blue. Compare it to an official sprite, an example being genesect, and you’ll see a massive difference. Only around 60% of it is outlined in black instead, very close to an even balance of 50:50.

I apologize if my criticism came off as harsh, but I wrote this all in hope that you could use it as a stepping stone to rough out the edges of your sprite and improve so your future sprites don’t share the same mishaps.


ok ty for the reply

That is a great response you gave PrimalRush

i want to see you deconstruct the terrible delta wooper that costs 9999 game coins :smiley:

i would like to see a smaller version of the same painting and this pokemon have tons or atleast 17 delta potential he looks like he would look good with any type

In my opinion, the only “problem” is the concept rather than execution on the design, but that’s extremely subjective.