Delta Feebas evolution help

Trading Name: casperandtheghost

Offer: Delta Feebas

Request: Anything

Further info: Its a while till I get to the black market, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade my delta feebas so it can evolve and then trade it back. It’s already holding the cleanse tag.

I can try and help you out…

Can I trust you to trade it back? If so what’s your trade name?

How do i check that? I think its DiogoN, i can trade you my delta for caution if you want…

Your log in name for online mode is your trade name, and if you’re ready im down to trade right now.

Then yes, that’s my ign, do i need you’re name too ?

yeah it’s casperandtheghost

You left ?

It said you left on mine, lets just try again.

Did it evolve?

Do I have the wrong item on it?

Idk, is it by trade ? i can try and go to helios and evolve it and trade it back

Yeah thatll be fine. It should be trade with cleanse tag.

Trade me back, ill to Helios and you will hold a littel ok ? soo i can try


Done, you got some epic snake bro :wink: send trade

Appreciate it! Trade on the way

Thanks again man.

Np, enjoy it :slight_smile: any further help, what ever i can do just ring

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