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Delta Elgyem

Hello! This is the entry for my delta so far, but I can’t upload it to the Holon University yet because it doesn’t meet requirements. I’m creating the art as of right now, I’ll upload it later. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

Pokemon: Delta Elgyem
Type: Poison-Psychic

The Story:
Delta Elgyem is a rare mutation of the alien Pokemon, Elgyem. Its blood is pure belladonna, and its body is rubber. This mutation is created when the native Elgyem in the Holon Jungle come into contact with the deadly poisons in Toxicroak’s body. Ever since the cave was sealed, the mutation stopped spreading. However, when the Elgyem mutated, they retained their psychic powers and migrated to Torren where they made their home in an abandoned part of the Satellite Corps, the basement. Even though their body is composed of rubber, Delta Elgyem is highly poisonous to the touch- but it won’t poison someone or something it trusts or likes. If a dusk stone is used on it with high friendship, it will evolve into delta Beheeyem.