Delta Eelectross

I present: Delta Eelectross, the leech pokemon.
It’s a dark/poison type, with the ability levitate.
It hunts by ambushing prey, bitingor scratching it once to inject its venom, then running away and following at a sistancw until its victim succums to the venom. It then goes in and drains its victim’s blood.


That’s really good and I hope it gets added!


I feel like it should have Poison Touch instead of Levitate.

Well, funny you should mention that, because i picked dark poison because that leaves it with only one weakness- ground- which is negated by its ability, levitate. It’s the same principle as non delta eelectross and why i like it so much. It’s the only pokmon with no weakness, and i wanted the delta to be no different.
Also I’d have its main stab move be poison fang and that wouldn’t mix well with poison touch…
Also it would have power trip to synergise with coil, which the non delta gets by leveling up.