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Delta Drifloon Trade Request

Trading Name: LeorKo

Offer: Delta Pichu

Request: Delta Drifloon

Further info: I’d be happy to supply any delta or regular pokemon.


Sure I can do the trade tmrw to get the time correct where do u live?

I live in Florida Dade county. What trade would you like? Delta Pichu? Thank you so much I’ll be able to complete the dex.

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you can pick the time

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I don’t care what you trade I’ll give the drifloon for anything

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Thank you man

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I could possibly do it at the same time as today tmrw

I’m in the other side of the world so it’s hard.

Okay lets say 12pm Eastern daylight time.

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Are you ready? Thank you so much. I hope I gave you a good reward for your kindness.

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Sorry but I think we can do a little bit early? This is way too late for me its 10:00 pm rn

July 10th 8 AM eastern daylight time?


Ready now.

Welcome to our community @LeorKo :joy: :joy: :joy:

I have to apologize for not responding I had some familial issues would tomorrow 8 AM eastern time work ?


are you ready?

Yup getting on my pc