Delta Drifloon is suicidal

Trading Name: Kaden

Offer: Ask

Request: Delta Drifloon

Further info: Bruh, I went sparing for the first time and found lvl. 69 d drifloon and was so excited cuz I needed a fire type, but I didn’t know I could save in the air nor did I know that it would explode. I just need a high level d drifloon if anyone has one. Also I don’t know how to trade so teach me.

  1. Place the pokemon you are going to trade on the first slot of your party (to make everything easier so you only have to press the ENTER key)
  2. Both players must be online to trade.
  3. Go to the menu and open DEXNAV

Click the icon between the map and the pokeball icons
5) A message conecting to the server and conection succesfull will appear(just press the ENTER key)
6) Log in, select trade and write the other player tradingname
7) The trading screen will appear (if you followed step 1 just spam the ENTER key)
8) The game will autosave after the trade

-Any questions?

Thx bro, but I do have one question. Do u got a high level D Drifloon lol

If you want I could breed a level one for you

That’d be awesome

Also if you wouldn’t mind could u breed a d aipom cuz I killed it without saving lmao

Sure no problem

Can you trade in about 10 hours from this message?

I can’t actually trade rn, in shiny hunting giratina can I come back to you once I’m done?

A kindred soul :grinning:, yeah take your time, good luck with your hunt

Have you ever shiny hunted anything on this game? If you have what mon and how long was your longest hunt cuz I’m at like 500+ rn

And is there anyway for me to get another mew cuz I didn’t know mew coulda been shiny or I would have hunted it

No, you only get one chance to shiny hunt MEW

In Insurgence my longest hunt was HO-OH, it took me 17258 SRs, actually SUICUNE took longer, 4 months and alomost a whole box of caught shinies that are not a SUICUNE :neutral_face:

17,000!!! woah

I for sure am in for a ride. I have only successfully hunted for one legendary and that was Registell in the Sw/Sh dlc w/ the shiny charm and it took me only a day

As I said before, good luck with you hunt

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