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Delta Dratini

Trading Name: James134

Offer: don’t got much

Request: Delta Dratini, fresh out the egg preferably, with decent nature and IVs

Further info: my brother wants it for his playthrough but it’s post game. Thanks for the help : )

i can breed one with adamant nature just need any pokemon whit an IV stone or just give me any pokemon it doesn’t matter the IV stone

Sorry just saw this and thank you so much! What’s your secret base I can leave one inside. And also what time would u be able to get on?

You can find my secret base as Mauritzito. Today I will be playing for three more hours. if we don’t trade today maybe tomorrow 12:00 EST (hora este, perdona mi ingles)

Just saw this u still on?

yes im here
give me 5 minutes

I’m so sorry I was gone so long i doubt ur still here

I’m online now I’m going to play a few hours let me know

Our time zones r really off I’m so sorry. What time r u most likely on?

12:00 EST tomorrow which would be in 24 hours from now and I will also be connected later which would be in 36 hours from this time

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