Delta Dratini Line

Delta Dratini

Dex Entry:This pokemon was designed by scientists to see how different a pokemon’s type was able to change when evolving.They prepared pre-set typings for it.

Dex entry: After evolving,it becomes physic and poison type.When it has too much poison,it evolves.The 6 jewels around it are precious stones,but it can’t be touched as it will move when trying to touch it. It only allows trusted people to touch the gemstones.

Dex entry:Due to too much poison,it changes 4 jewels to steel and the last two dissolve in the acid. It changes to dark type as well. It is known to attack people using its horns,both for fun and anger.

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love the idea of it having different types when it evolves

Thanks!Can I do anything to improve it?

in my eyes maybe improve on the bodies (they look pretty bare) maybe with dragonair add poison balls going down its back and for dragonite maybe go for a godzilla like spike pattern that fade from purple or green to symbolize its past poison type (i think it would fit nicely with the dark and steel typing) these are just my ideas lol im sure you have youre own ideas :stuck_out_tongue: