Delta Ditto

Trading Name: ShadowZFoxZ

Offer: Delta ditto

Request: pokemon with Damp

Further info: Umm I accidentally got a second delta ditto so does anyone want a delta ditto before the post game?

I accept!!!

I will be ready in about 3hrs.

o k a y

Why the spaces…

just type it like that

Oh lol. So is a jellicent with damp o k a y with you??


Nvm. I will get you a pokemon with damp.

But it may also be a Paras.

o k a y

and what nickname do you want it to be?

I do not care about that. What system is your language? Wanted to see if masuda would work.

Its english and the nickname it already has is “how”.

Ok. I am english too so that is sad. And I like that name!

thanks, I’ll be waiting for you and tell me when your ready.

Ok. In 3 hrs, i will be ready for ya!

o k a y

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Rip, y am I always so late :(((

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