Delta Ditto

Trading Name: Loppy654

Offer: I don’t have much, but I have a Delta Aipom, a Delta Ivysaur, a Delta Snorlax, a Delta Ralts, and a Delta Grimer.

Request: Delta Ditto

Further info: I haven’t really made it far into the game yet, but I would really like to have a Delta Ditto for the game. Yes I know I have been posting for a while, but I haven’t finished the game. I would preferably like a free Delta Ditto, but I know I probably won’t get one because it’s a Ditto and that’s a bit rare since you only get one so I offered the best pokemon I have in the game so far

If you’re looking for a D. Ditto, sadly might have to offer more than that. Ditto, well D. Ditto is one of a kind. So, most competitive people won’t trade it away so easily. If I had one to spare, I’d trade ya.

I knew I wouldn’t get it easily, but I figured I had to try

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