Delta Ditto Not Breeding

My Delta Ditto seemingly won’t breed with my Delta Froakie, it says ok the wiki it can’t breed with Pokémon in the undiscovered group but all Deltas are in that group.

Did you check your version of the game? If it is on 1.2.4, then delta ditto can’t breed.

I’m on the most recent version. If that’s 1.2.4 then I’m on it. Why isn’t it able to breed anymore?

On top of that, the download says the most recent version is 1.2.3.

The most recent version is 1.2.4, an update you can get on the discord server. It fixes things such as the Regice encounter, but it also bugged out Delta Ditto.

I’m not on the discord server so I’m on 1.2.3. What was wrong with the Regice encounter (Also was it Delta Regice). And does that add the frontier brains?

…apologies it’s actually the Kyurem encounter that is fixed in 1.2.4, and no, it doesn’t add the frontier brains.