Delta Diancie

Pokemon: Delta Diancie
Type: Ghost/Fairy
Ability: Clear Body, Cursed Body
Shadow Diancie Insuegence
Rlly hoping this would be in the ACTUAL game :confused:

First things first, nothing can be added to the game. It is on feature lock (nothing new (like deltas, suggestions, new areas) can be added, only bug fixes are added). Second I really like the sprite, I would like to see a dex entry!

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Here’s the Dex Entry:

A Delta Species discovered by BlueShadow264. The flames on its body glows along with its diamond, can be used to burn any living pokemon.

other than burning living pokemon, what other things about it scream ghost fairy? also, for the sprite, remove the rock and complete the diamond

Tru not like it needs the rock anymore

P.s. whats with the red?

blood probably, maybe take it out and add floating skulls and deep red eyes or something around it. IDK just suggestions.